GPS Tracking

Harness the power of Columbus Track to discover the new sensation for your automobile, fleet and dealership. 

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Get 24×7 live location tracking of your fleet, assets and people real-time. Stay informed. 

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Our customers include schools, colleges, travel and tour operators, government municipal transport department and much more.

Vehicle Tracking System

Columbus Track is a customizable GPS based vehicle tracking system that constantly monitors your vehicle or fleet of vehicles and provides you with a real-time view of the key fleet information including location, speed, engine status and driver status, to name a few. You can track the location of your fleets, assets and people 24/7 in real time and even receive alerts by email or SMS for over speeding, undue stoppages, route deviation, fuel pilferage etc. The vehicle tracking system can be operated as an Operation Optimization Tool by incorporating Route Optimization and Performance Optimization, leading to a significant minimization of operating costs.

How Columbus Track Works

The GPS tracking device fixed on the vehicle obtains its location and positional data via satellites. The GPRS module of this device then sends this location data along with other details of the vehicle to our servers via the internet, from where it can be accessed through our web, desktop or mobile user interface applications, allowing real time vehicle tracking.

vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system

Know Wherever You Go

Live monitoring feature of GPS vehicle tracking system provides a real-time view of your key fleet information, as well as rapid access to the relevant activity for the current day including the current location and speed, the engine status, driver status, door status (open/closed), temperature, fuel level, etc. Speed checks of vehicles, accurate location, refreshment breaks and halt for refuelling by drivers can be tracked as they occur.

What Is Your Vehicle Health

The Columbus GPS Vehicle Tracking System allows you to continuously analyze, diagnose and monitor your vehicle. The Fuel Sensor, Door Ajar Monitor, Seat Belt Sensor, Engine Temperature and Tire Pressure Monitor give you a simple analysis of your vehicle’s health and alert you if something goes wrong. The GPS tracking system also has an Immobilizer that stops the vehicle in case of unauthorized usage, a Geo Fence, Panic Button and Anti Theft System that ensure the security of your vehicle.

vehicle tracking system

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androidColumbusTrack-Now available on Android.

  • Employee Transportation


    Ensuring that they reach their destinations safely. Such a solution is especially useful in today’s scenario, where employee safety and security remains a major area of concern.

  • Hello Taxi

    Hello-Taxi Taxi Management System


  • School Bus Tracking System

    school bus tracking system-Columbus Track

    A system for continuous monitoring of the School Bus in transit to ensure the safety of School going children.

vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system
vehicle tracking system

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Systems Administrator/ IT in-charge
Heera Homes, Trivandrum

The fleet management system from Columbus Track has helped us to
monitor our vehicles movements better, plan routes and utilize our fleet
in a more organized and cost efficient manner.

Mr.Joe Thomas
CEO of AVG Motors

The fact that the drivers knew their vehicles were being tracked was enough
to optimize fleet discipline.Columbus track has enabled us to cut our fuel
bills by at least 30% per month.